Sincerely, I've loved the game of chess_ just like you do, from the day met people playing it.I swear, I will continue to love chess; it's full of adventures.When I started playing, I had no knowledge of chess openings.I just learn how to move, then move pieces anyhow.You might have done that too.I remember, whenever I play anything outside 1.e4, 1.d4, 1.c4 as white or 1....e5, 1....d5, 1....c5 as black; those I-taught-you-chess brothers of mine will always forbid it. Eventually I ran into so many chess openings, when I broke out of the shackles of my next door chess teachers.I learnt almost all the openings I met including the 1. f3, Gedult Opening, as white and the 1....f6, Banne Defence, as black.They were not far from what my next door chess teachers forbid.So I became more interested in......

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