Sweet, sweet sister of mine
Sipping on sofa next to mine
Songs on stereo as wine
And swallowing The Swede Swain
With sparks as she grins
And smiles at several lines.

My sacred chic sanguine
My senior and my seine
Arresting sadness as sardine
And subduing sorrows and pains
With supple speeches so saline
To my skull, senses and brain.

I sincerely say again, again
You statue, so sexy to explain
With speeches saying: smile, so fine
  To simple, simple storms of mine.
As sea plant on your sea I’ll remain
To surmount the storms of mine.

Saying this so simple and plain
Sweet, sweet sister of mine
In a supple skin of a seven or nine;
Your stars I see them so shine
Through several states and Spain
For your stress on Sam aren’t vain.

Christy is a very lovely wife
And wants a very lovely life
For everybody now I’m twenty five
She’s still the greatest part of my life
Providing guiding me through life
And please, you’ll recognize her too
Any time and day she runs into you
For she’ll end her talking with you
By saying, “please, don’t ever do
Whatever thing I will not do.”
     Samuel C. Enunwa Nov. 8, 2010.

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