You and I know _ and cannot pretend, that every game are not the same; and can never be. You and I know that every game has its boundary, fundamental rules one must adhere to. Understanding the basic rules of a game totally worths the effort. I’m sure, without rule(s), any game is no game. What will you call a game without a goal? What will you call a game without fowls, without a sin to commit, without a price to pay or rewards instead? Since games cannot exist without rules, these rules are worth learning.
        You must also understand that rules vary from game to game; some are rigid, some are flexible, some can be neglected while some can never be. In the game of volleyball, when a ball of one side crosses over the net to that of an opponent and lands in their court; they get a point added. When there’s a bad or dangerous tackle from an opponent in a game of football, the rule is a fowl. Any word arranged by a player in the game of scrabble but can not be found in the agreed dictionary leads to a lose of turn. It goes on and on from ludo and even down to my game; just name it!
        In chess, just like in other games. You need to keep abreast of the rules. Board rules, tournament rules, terminologies, and so on. I’ll say that for you to succeed in chess, you need full understanding of the chess rules; most importantly, the rules guiding the deployment of chess pieces and the movement of chessmen on the board (I pray, the voice of illegality will not probe you.)

I don’t normally tell people this, but when I want my listener to quickly and fully drag points out of what I have to say, I say this. Couple of years back, when I was fresh in the university, my level of chess was low _ when I mean low, I understand how I’ve measured it and I know exactly what I’m saying. I discovered I was always happy and confident when attacking, tormenting my opponent _ sometimes with foolish risks and sacrifices, but freaks out easily when I’m short of attack. Meaning I only loved attacking but could not confront anything spelt a-t-t, not to talk of a-t-t-a-c-k (attack).
All I’m trying to drive out from all I’ve said is that it’s a very good thing to understand one’s self; understand who you are. Know the things you can do, the things you like, the situations you easily triumph in. understand the cases you can handle, not excluding the things that easily bring you fear, etc. I know you will love to ask or inquire how _ how you can understand yourself and improve drastically your chess performance. Don’t worry my friend; I’m here to tell you all you need do. You should understand here and now that even if it’s possible for you to make use of the supernatural tools _ I don’t know if possible, first of all, I’ll want you to learn, understand and make use of the simple. Remove the super and make use of the natural do-as-I-do tool judiciously. Have your seat, take a little while to reflect and study yourself; a pretty simple tool.
You can study yourself by personally looking at the things you like and do not like. You can as well make use of the people tool; people close to you who can candidly say things about you, and disclose to your hearing the things that will be of great help in this development quest. Directly or indirectly, ask them some questions that will bring out some truth about you. Ask them about your chess attitude and anything necessary. You can also make use of an intermediary. Many years back, in my university days, my school was preparing for a tournament when I got summoned by my school coach, that fateful afternoon, when I got to him he said he had heard many people talk about my being over selfish with my bishops and that he had noticed that too. He inquired for my reason since man is an island of knowledge before he said he would love me to make some adjustments. Sincerely yours, it was then I learnt that I had not been using my ears. Please, I’m not trying to bore you. I made mention of the lesson because it’s not every one that will be opportune to have a conscious and caring coach like mine who will help you when you forget or refuses to use every tool including your ears that you need in understanding of yourself and improve your chess result.


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