Oh! Home from tha' thy far Rome
  When will thou come home
  Fill my empty foam?
  The soul with no home's
  My soul roam
  -In' groping round my home
  Fro' my Mouka foam
  Wi' the thought of thee not home
  Thinking lone love of my chromosome
  When will thou come home
  Oh! Home from tha' thy far Rome
  Fill my empty foam?
  With foam
  Thy main home
  Oh! Come home; home's
  Home's home
  Home is home
  It can't be Rome
  Oh! Please, come home
  To join my strength to rough my foam
  For groan and groan to fill my home
  In come I come of pound a dome
  When sight is dim to damp my foam
  With sweats and heats that heat my foam
  To build me home.
         Samuel C. Enunwa  Mar. 17, 2012.

  The poem in page contains part of the writing effort of Samuel C. Enunwa; his poems, imaginations, quotes, articles and more, he stands not to claim to be perfect, accurate or void of errors. Please, questions, suggestions, private comments can as well be sent to st.exystens2008@yahoo.com.  Whenever I'm not here, you shall find me at http://www.samueldpoetry.webs.com  http://www.samueldpoetry.blogspot.com  you also follow me  on twitter with @samueldpoetry
 Thank you.

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