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 A priest and his young son
Were walking on and on
Under the canopy of a sun
Sincerely a Sunday sun
"I loved today's sermon"
Said to the priest by his son.
"Thou Shall Lie To No One"
The son went on and on
I loved that part of the sermon
"lie not to your son,
Even your family and those ones
You can't see one on one"
The priest said to his son,
"Thank God, you heard the sermon"
To the priest said his son,
"Yesterday, you lied to me your son.
You promised me one million
If I got right, the day I was born.
Yesterday, you lied to me your son.
You promised me one million
If I could define a polygon.
Today, you lied to the congregation!
About God, showing you vision
Of giving them ten million."
The priest said to his son,
"My son, learn from all I've done."
"What lesson?" inquired the son
The priest said to his son,
"The Bible days have gone.
You need to trust no one.
Never ever you rely on
Promises, people agree on
Without formal written done."

 Before you move to my next, I just want you to know that I wrote this poem to show that poetry knows no limitation. It can take whatever form it wishes; it can decide to absolute form of dialogue like this poem has shown. Whenever I'm not here, you find me at www.samueldpoetry.blogspot.com or www.booksie.com/dsam or www.poetrypublisher.com/samueldpoetry445   

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