Dis nt for below 18 & any1 it may offend. I'm jus catchin fun since poetry can take any form.

U saunted u wiggley pussy footed
& caress'd ya hairs &
Jerk'd ya ass's &
Smiled ya eyes prettily &
Even somtimes stared
Or pout my sight like bird
Or made barr'n ya properly lubricat'd
Breast so mistily glitt'ring like d roach's head
But yet U be not my bed
O pls be not offend'd
Pls be not incens'd
But hw can I be mov'd
When U're wearing a longsleeve &
Hw can I be mov'd
When U're wearing a shortsleeve &
Hw can I be mov'd
When U're wearing not an armless sleeve &
Hw can I be mov'd
When thy armpits are properly eye-proov'd
Lady show me thy rough curves &
Show me thy sweating groov's &
Show me so to be mov'd
& show me thy armpits black or red
For they typify d hidd'n tunnel that wait'd
Wait'd down there below thy pubic end
End between thy two legs &
Show me d twin vaginal of thy shoulders &
I won't pretend
But madly follow thee to thy bed end
For sexy armpits make me mad in d head.
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