Bimbola Wilson; a radio deity, I must say
And many maidens and many virgin ears do pray
And do strive to hear her everyday
While many cynic tongues will grow tooth decay
And commonly they say, deities marry in May
But this pretty deity, I must say
Hooked her prince in month far from May
For married men and single eyes to pry away
And make the marriage grow and so I pray
For her pumpkin cheek waiting on the tray
Of her smiling face always waylay
Worries of the eyes and tears of the minds away
While her cinderella shoes and sweet spray
And necklace do match her decent array
For the palace of her face without Mary Kay
Stays the museum with beautiful display
Of sanguinism, christianism with platonic display
Of virtues and integrity while she plays
And talks but takes not nonsense by the way
Someday, I'll fly away like a fairy play
But fester not thy feelings while I'm far away
For thy happiness and internet and the valley
To thy workplace shall symbolise me each day
Reminding thee of my promises to fetish the display
Of thy face and cares and cease to fray
Thy mementos in my mind while I'm far away
For while I'm far away, this poem will stay
And this poem will stay forever while I'm far away.
     Samuel C. Enunwa  Jul. 17, 2012 





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