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I decided to dedicate this poem to Adebola Adebisi Sophiat since Facebook keeps bringing your image as someone you may and truely I knew her from primary to tertiary. 


When you used to weep to disagree

With mommy plaiting your pretty

Four year old hair I knew thee

A skinny ebony

With faded dimple and cottonwool voicing melody

I knew thee

Preparing sands with no spicy

In discarded cans I knew thee

Wearing dirty

Oversize bikini

I knew thee

Licking milky

Mucous nose of yours free

I knew thee

When thee in primary

Only thee the teachers chose as beauty

Amidst the bevy

To with roses and daffodils to greet the governor gently

Making bevies to envy thee

I knew thee

Aching the nitty-gritty?

Are you still aching the nitty-gritty of how I knew thee?

I knew thee

In your teen thirteen simply

Your verge of beauty

When your double apple were still eagerly

Peeping from your skin of virgi... Sorry virtunity

I knew thee

When the masculine eyes that first wooed thee

You let pull down your walls of Jericho willingly

I knew thee

Since no one knows me

I won't form celebrity

And deny I knew thee

I knew thee

When you did snub me

To chat with Adebayo Deji

While I did love thee

I knew thee

From primary to tertiary

From teen in verge of beauty

Till your beauty you did wither in a quest to marry

I knew thee

In short I knew thee

Before nature born thee a lady.

Samuel C. Enunwa July 25, 2012.

you you're free to copy, share, or add this to the anthology you're about to publish but when you want to edit this poem, please, email: livingsammy@gmail.com

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