Nicholas Gordon is than I can ta 

For my tongue a toddler in such a matter
Of striving through life to be called a star
An encyclopaedia or wikipaedia
If the world wide web your hear prefer 

To ear Nicholas Gordon a lecturer
A poet a waiter a bar tender
A funny lover a carpenter
A carpenter who nailed the chair of laughter
Comfortably for joy to relax to charter
With the fair looking peace mother
Who mothered peace that murder
-Ed the lone son of disorder
There in the heart of many lover 

Of verses he shared; my brother
While men keep their verses his' scatter
-Ed through web voices and paper
Like some stars of the heaven attire
Dearly bear in mind my brother
For wrote he ''To The Founding Fathers''
''Eighty-Six Must Be Our Secret Number''
So ''Give Me Just This Moment, Please Forever''
For ''Happiness Does Not Depend On Weather.''
    Samuel C. Enunwa   Mar. 29, 2012
this poem is dedicated to Nicholas Gordon, the CEO of www.poemsforfree.com as a token of appreciation for his promotion of contemporary poetry. samueldpoetry is a good fan of his.

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