Before the doctor confirms the belly 

Carries a twin or single baby

We'll be spending and spending our money

Buying and paying for so so many

Expensive things with no sympathy

From nurses and doctors of maternity

And from those selling the baby's

Wears, drugs, food and accessories

And as they call us baba baby

After the arrival of our baby

Things get very very heavy 

We must buy biscuit and candy

For those coming to visit the baby

Then arrange for naming ceremony

Which will yield to us no money 

Buying and paying for so so many

Expensive things to keep the baby

Plus the mother strong and healthy

Now that education is big money

We'll spend and spend our money

Paying for his or her primary

School fee down to tertiary

We need to face reality

Though, having a twin or single baby

Is a reward of a holy matrimony

But why's the world using our fertility

To drive us down into poverty?
                  Samuel C. Enunwa  Sept. 20, 2010.
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