Eat blatterdock if fresh and plain
But eat the ones with petasin
And watch what enters your intestine
Could be anything I can't define
Having sit-ups up to thirty nine
Will stretch your neck, back and spine
Rich magnesium is rich norepinephrine
Poor norepinephrine will make stress begin
So take magnesium for rich norepinephrine
Then stay in the dark with no lighting
And thinking of poems with sweet rhyming
Like ticking and tocking goes the timing
Since white is snow what of liming
And all the squirrels do go climbing
Show me the man who hates rhyming
And I'll show you the man who loves lying
Surprisingly in no timing
In no timing this shall cure your migrain
Have I ascertained again and again
Mitochrondial boost is good for the brain
So buying CoQ10 can cure your migrain
Please, doubting Thomas with doubting brain
Go visit a specialist in your domain.
  Samuel C. Enunwa 21-10-2012.

NOTE: Before using BLATTERDOCK, most especially, pregnant women or any one with heart challenges should first click here for full detail and guide.
He who holds what can benefit but decides to bury it is not less than a heartless murderer. What works for Mr. P might not work for Mr. Q. So we hold no responsibility for any harm because this poem is just an eye opener or a little way to help your situation.

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