Our father in heaven
Halo be thy name
Oh, let thy kingdom come!

And forgive our trespasses
Even as we forget to forgive
Those who trespass against us

And wherever there is evil
Don't lead us there

For yours is the kingdom
Forever and ever AMEN
Says the scripture

Im not to judge thee my reader

Your will is yours for free but please

Why thou want to stick to satan morning star?

Why thou want to stick to he Jesus told

Has he beckoned to thee saying
Lets stick to satan
The giver of will?

What age be thee now?
Twenty-nine or thirty-one

Who was there for thee
Helping thee saving thee
And watching over thee since kindergarten?

If not God
Whom you serve since kindergarten so

Before give in, think it twice be wise other wise

You'll see the screne saying
We're sorry
Many are selling other people's
Soul through pin, pass, code or so.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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