When it comes to selling affiliate links or selling online products of any given marketplace, the experience is similar in that they both offer the publisher or webmaster a certain percentage of commission based on sales made through such affiliate promotion.

Lets assume that your choice is to promote products of an online marketplace, the easiest of all is Amazon.com. There are other similar online marketplaces like aliexpress.com, ebay.com, everblue.com, shareasale.com, clickbank.com, cj.com (which means Commission Junction) and should in case you're a Nigeria webmaster or your website has a lot of visitors from Nigeria or other West African countries; then the following online marketplaces can be considered as well: konga.com, kaymu.com, dealdey.com, jumia.com, etc.

Okay, why is amazon.com the easiest? Amazon marketplace is the most popular and most used online marketplace by webmasters. It is the second richest after walmart.com. Amazon is so flexible to use by any new or rookie webmaster because it can easily be integrated into any Content Management System (CMS). When you sign-up or register with amazon.com as an affiliate, the approval is instantly and it is open to anyone irrespective of country or geographical location unlike clickbank.com and shareasale.com that do not accept registration from Nigeria or any Nigerian web owner. One of the demerits of being an amazon.com affiliate is that it pays a very low commission compared to others even though the sales possibility is very high.

There are so many ways to taking part in the affiliate marketing circle_ which in future post will be discussed at a very broader length, but as a beginner, all you need do is register with many affiliate companies as possible as you can; the reason for massive registration or sign-up is due to the fact that the affiliate marketing issue is a long-term investment for any beginner website owner.

Although you do not necessarily need a website to promote products as an affiliate but still if you want a website to put your affiliate links or product information alongside third-party adverts like Adversal, Chitika, Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Revenuehits, etc {all these links do pay us commission}, then you can create a free website  using any of the following sources. It’ll take only few minutes to create a website using these sources and they’re very simple and free.

===> http://www.blogger.com (which will give you a website url that looks like www.yourwebsite.blogspot.com)

===> http://www.wordpress.com (which will give you a website URL that looks like www.yourwebsite.wordpress.com)

===> http://www.webs.com (which will give you a website URL that looks like www.yourwebsite.webs.com)

===> http://www.hpage.com (which will give you a website URL that looks like www.yourwebsite.hpage.com)

===> http://www.weebly.com (which will give you a website URL that looks like www.yourwebsite.weebly.com)

If it then happens that you are really willing to advance your online marking by having your own professional looking website(s) with your desired domain name that looks like {http://naijapoets.com} which differs from www.yourwebsite.blogspot.com in the sense that it is too long and it's a sub-domain but to have a website with a simple URL, you will need to pay for it or preferably buy a web hosting package (actually, it's worth the money because it will be very easy to remember such a simple domain name or URL and web visitors and advertisers will be assured that you really mean business) few of the web hosting companies I will recommend you try are iPage, GoDaddy, IX Web Hosting Affiliate Program, HostMonster, eHost, etc {all these links do pay us commission}.

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