Birago Diop was born a Senegal and educated in Senegal and France. He
was once in his life time appointed Ambassador to Tunisia in 1960.

His poem "Vanity" was spiced with many sweet poetic devices and few of
which will be examined here.

Starting with imagery, we can see "the black depths of our plaintive
throats" in line fourteen which was creating a clearer picture of the
degree of mournfulness that the victims carried in their hearts. In
another line of the poem was this imagery "Sad complaining voices of

Repetition and rhetorical question were woven together to make the
lines of the poem flow better. Here are instances of lines carrying
both repetitions and rhetorical question. "What eyes will watch our
loud mouths?" and "What eyes will watch our bad mouths?" both lines
are repeated rhetorical questions.

The repetition of consonant sounds within the lines of a poem which is
defined as alliteration was not left out of the poem. "Did not
understand our dead" in line twenty five was an alliteration. In line
eight "what eyes will watch" was as well, an alliteration.

Metaphor also occurred in line four where the victims' voices were
compared to that of beggars "voices of beggar"; in line nine, "the
laughter of big children" was also a metaphor.

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