(1) Understand that there is a single difference between losers and winners.

(2) Focus on positive change.

(3) Setbacks are neutral, don't attach your life to it

(4) You must endeavor to reduce your worries.

(5) Accept responsibilities for outcomes of your actions.

(6) What you carry inside matters than what is going on around you.

(7) Let by-gones be by-gones, you are now a new creature.

(8) Let all your actions reflect your positives aims.

(9) All feed your mind with pep talks.

(10) There is lesson in every bad situation; learn it.

(11) Always set goals higher than yesterday's achievement.

(12) Learn from others; don't be an island.

(13) Work more on your strenght.

(14) Don't waste your time on meaningless issues.

(15) Don't procastinate; get up, get over it and get going. You're awesome.

(c) High-flyer

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