In the poem, the poet revolted his loneliness bragging his long survival.
He was by the beach, where he poured out his heart:
"spat on the world" "shouted at the moon" "hooted at the chirrupy mermaid of the dusk..." (line 5, 6, 7)
In line 8, he referred to himself as "clever lad of goddam tribe!"
the poet when ahead to describe his pains and loneliness since birth:
"There were tears, then, when I was born,
There were aches, too, when I was born,
Tears to drop, and hearts to ache,
No brains to pry, no minds to try
Where, when I was born"

[The poem is available at afrilingual blog]

In the last part of the poem, with repetitional effect, he surrendered with the believe that the pains to come can never be effective.

There were poetic devices like the repetition of "take" "send". He made a partial Biblical allusion "new testament" he also created oxymoron with "black silver" anaphora with "beneath" assonance with "the oyster-beach and the green" metaphor with "reels of danger" synedoche with "no brains to pry, no minds to try".

Prof. Michael Echeruo is a Nigerian poet from Imo State, he was born 14-03-1937. He is a lecturer at the University of Nigeria...


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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