Since you have held on to the simple strategy in the way forward 1, the process continues below.

You will need a huge audience before you can earn big. How can you achieve such feat? I dislike the idea of using extractors to goad away people's email; I believe that when there is will, there should always be a legit and better way which will at the end give you a feeling of achievement with no guilt of theft.

If you have been doing a lot of online digging, the common answer you must have been hearing is the use of social sites; I can't dispute the usefulness of social sites but I'm willing to show you their pros and cons. The only pro is that you can truly generate traffic or huge audience from social network websites. The cons are (i) 45% of the users are there for same purpose as yours (ii) how can you bring part of the remaining 55% to your own side? (iii) how will those on your side positively affect your aim rather than being an ineffective population? (iv) what are the best social network sites to target?

From experience, the best way to generate huge audience to kick start your website is
(1) through paid adverts (google adword, facebook promotion, twitter sponsor, and the cheapest of the means is adfly
(2) proper search engine optimization is also a piece of cake i.e the google webmaster optimization, bing webmaster optimization, etc. In order to have the best professional experience  regarding SEO and web optimization, go for serprank (they're reliable a reasonable level)
(3) you can also increase your social network audience with the few following strategies: if you're on facebook, you have to increase your audience either by using, if you operate a and then I reconmend, buffer,com for mass autosocial posting
(4) if you use content management system where publize can be made possible through jetpack plugin then you can increase your audience by manually creating user profile for your friends on facebook and encourage them to login and link your wordpress site to their social site account. the strategy is very effective in that your wordpress post will always appear on their facebook feeds and fanpages
(5) another way to it is to create a free blog with,,, and once in every five contributions to your free blog, share links to your monetized blog. Should in case you're an author, you can sign-up on goodreads, if you love to write stories you can sign up with, or should all you write is poem then from those free mediums share links to your money-making websites. If you love to draw, you can sign-up to and once in every five post, share links to your commercialized website
(6) once again an active site actracts more audience, so if you're content management system is wordpress like I've already said, you can keep your website active with a sweet plugin created by 99-Robots; the plugin is called Content Resharer.

Here at way forward 3 to becoming a lucrative Nigerian blogger, we'll proceed to the next step.

Lets assume that you have finally paid for a specific hosting plan, before you choose your content management system (CMS), you have to first consider if you'll like the website to look like a normal blog, or a forum, or a gallery structured, or a feed-rolling type like twitter. if you prefer the normal blog style, then you should choose Wordpress as your CMS or Joomla as your CMS or Drupal as your CMS because the three are very common and you can easily get help should in case you run into a database problem, if you prefer a forum style, then you should choose the Buddypress CMS, use Pligg or Elgg CMS for a feedrolling website of yours. Of all the Content Management Systems (CMS) the most used is because it's as simple as hair shaving, in terms of usage, it is also flexible in the sense that you can create any type of website you want: a personal blog or website, a photoblog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a government website, a magazine or news website, an online community, even a network of websites. Wordpress has a lot of publishing Tools that make online website creation experiment to be a very easy one. Okay, it time to check "the way forward 4" in page 3>>>

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