As the better blogging orientation gets to a very crucial stage where no stone should be left unturned in order to ensure a profitable online adventure, the step towards becoming a lucrative Nigerian blogger continues below.

The arrangement of your webpages is a very vital aspect you must as well consider. This' one of the factors that determine your  blog success; it dictates whether you're a professional or an amateur. Few of the ways you can monetize your website is through advertising, affiliate marketing, selling advert spaces on your website but without the proper structuring, all attempts might become waste. Hardly few people realize that advertisers check how well structured your header and footer are because they see them as the entrance door and the exit door to your website. Another thing is the navigational ease that crawlers robots and surfers can derive from your website; that's why google is very strict with privacy policy, terms of use, cookies policy, sitemap, webmaster optimization, etc. Be sure that atleast your website footer is not void of such lists (i.e. copyright assurance, privacy policy, terms, sitemap, cookies policy, among other things) else your biz endeavor will amount to nothing, advertisers won't want to advertise on  your web, buyers will always assume you're a scam and won't want to buy anything from you, serious minded web surfers won't signup to your newsletters, robots disseminating informations about webs won't function to perfection on your website and because you're in a competetive market, hardly would you have found a sincere competetor who would show you all that you're supposed to have put in place. You're lucky to have this article; as simple as it seems, you might not be grateful for such an article because you have'nt lost money and efforts while doing things wrongly but if you have been a victim of wrong-turn, by now you'll be screaming like: "WOW! THANK GOD I'VE FOUND SOLUTION.


Here, it is a food-for-thought, a drive towards the unbending destination of lucrative blogging.

CONSISTENCY APPROACH:- Everything flow by time, do not expect to start your blog today and the next 24hour, currencies starts rolling in; it can take like two months or more depending on your readiness, niche and strategies. The candid brotherly advice, I'll offer is simply that you must endeavor to be consistent in your quest for success. According to Clifford Mee, the author of 7 Little Known Success Secrets Of The Rich And Famous, "It's not rocket science. People who are very successful do things which move them towards their goals on a daily basis. They keep doing the things that bring them the results they desire. It's easy to do something well once. It's easy to do something you don't want to do once. Real power lies in the repetition of these moments. A wealthy businessman once said, "You're either consistent or non-existent." We already have great consistency in our lives. Most of us regularly breathe, move, sleep, eat and drink like clockwork. You know how to be consistent. The successful see no difference in taking regular actions to feed their dreams as they do to feed their stomachs. You either become consistent towards your desires or you end up wasting most of your potential."

PRIORITIZATION: This so much matter in every human endeavor, I'm certain that you understand what prioritization means but it saddens that most people (irrespective of the aspect of living they apply it) are applying it wrongly. The best strategy I've found very helpful is the book "Be A Sales Superstar" by Brian Tracy. The strategy for prioritization that the author recommended in his book was the use of the Pareto Principle. According to his explanation, "The 80/20 Rule says that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results. If you have a list of ten things to do, two of those activities will be as valuable, if not more valuable, than the other eight. One of your chief responsibilities is to continually analyze your tasks to be sure that you are working on the top 20 percent. ...In business, 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your profits. In addition, 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your expenses, and the activities that represent 80 percent of your expenses may not be closely related to your most profitable activities. In the worst of cases, businesses find themselves spending most of their time and money in areas that are not profitable at all."

Fellow friendly reader, you read and learnt. Please, start putting few ideas you acquire from this article to use because Your Thoughts Are Valuable Things, Time Waits For Nobody, and Always Be Wise In Your Actions.

A particular poem from is as follows:-

They do say the secret to success is hardwork;
It isn't.
Hardwork only sustains success while you have it.
Like a word and its opposite
As hardworking success poeple exist
So exists the hardworking failures and lunatics
The secret to success is in the movie Titanic;
Watch it closely.
The Lord Of The Ring,
The Karate Kid,
Bulletproof Gangster;
Watch them closely
The secret to success lies within.

The secret to success lives not in surface of books
But in meditating deep in books.
The secret to success is hard to hear at first
The secret to success is best entombed in things
Lest which eyes can seek...
Don't despise these movies, watch closely
All of them.

Oh! If you ask me to email thee, the secret to success,
Will you ever agree to it?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry (the Leo with wings soaring high)"

I HOPE YOU HAVE FOLLOWED THROUGH THE PROCESS AND LEARNED; NOW ENJOY THE JUICE OF YOUR LEARNING. If you wish to re-go through this article from the beginning, check page 1>>>

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