Nigerian movie auditions for kids and teens are one of my major

concerns. As it is already known that the goal of Nollywood is to

meassure up with other international movie industries like Hollywood

and the rest.

To be candid on this matter, Nollywood has lacked balancing in the

disseminations of her movie genres and balancing is very vital

in such quest.

Most cases, we watch movies like Super8, Problem Child, Space Jam,

Harry Porter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Baby's Day Out, etc and begin

to wonder how many Nigerian kid movie we have watched; after much rack

of our brain, the answer is one movie or none.

In foreign countries, it is very easy to find movie auditions for kids

and teens. Their channels and movie production firms are not

neglecting the aspects of kids and teens.

HBO, NBC, Nickelodeon, Disney, etc are really at their best.

There are so many factors causing the neglect of kids and teens

movies. Parental factors where most Nigerian parents still believe

that early exposure of their kids to

acting will certainly lead them to uncultured ways of life.

On the part of producers and TV channels, their profit oriented ways

have made things worse; they rather produce absurd movies than take

the production of kids' movies seriously.

Movies industry is meant to entertain and educate. It surprises that

Nollywood is a family or caucus industry where the same

actors and actresses keep reappearing because of the monopoly running

in the industry.

When few publicly announced auditions exist, Nigerian factor comes in.

Instead of selection based on merits, money turns the

table around; no wonder, Nollywood is full of jesters and rascals

performing rascal scenes (where you see Fuji musicians misacting the

scripts and exchanging abusive words and derogatory languages).

This post is a call for more Nigerian movie auditions for kids and

teens. Kid movies will help prepare Nigerian kids and teens for

adulthood to come.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

(the Leo with wings flying)

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