We have seen and read both the poem Vanity by Birago Diop and the poem

Piano And Drums by Gabriel Okara, everyway2.blogspot.com has now

resolved to bring out some similarities found in both poems.

(1) The Poets Are Africans:

The author of the poem "Vanity", Birago Diop is a Senegalese poet born

1906. On the other hand, the author of the poem "Piano And Drums",

Gabriel Okara is a Nigerian poet born 1921.

(2) The Narrator In Both Poems Are Victims:

The speaker in the poem "Vanity" by Birago Diop is a victim of

nonchalance, negligence or disregard for cultural believes.

According to stanza 4:

"When our Dead come with their Dead

When they have spoken to us with their clumsy voices

Just as our ears were deaf

To their cries, to their wild appeals

Just as our ears were deaf"

On the other hand, the speaker in the poem "Piano And Drums" by

Gabriel Okara is a victim of dillema.

According to stanza 4:

"And I lost in the morning mist

Of an age at a riverside keep

wandering in the mystic rhythm

of jungle drums and concerto".

(3) Culture:

Both poems are nailing at the issue of culture. "Vanity" speaks of

the neglect of African culture, "Piano And Drums" speaks of two

conflicting behavioral culture which are symbolised as "Piano" and


(4) Nature:

Both poems partially refer to nature and natural things like river,

water, air, flower, panther, jungle, etc. In Vanity by Birago Diop "In

the air, on the water, where they have traced their signs" (line 21

and 24). In Piano And Drums by Gabriel Okara "When at break of day at

a riverside/ I hear jungle drums telegraphing" (line 1-2).

(5) Free Verse:

A poem void of specific rhyme pattern or rhythm is called a free

verse. Vanity by Birago Diop is a free verse with 6 stanzas. Piano And

Drums is a free verse with 4 stanzas.

(6) Poetic Devices:

In stances of simile, alliteration, and imageries are found in both

poems. In the poem "Vanity" there are simile in line 13, alliteration

in line 8, imagery in line 4. In the poem "Piano And Drums" there are

simile in line 4, alliteration in line 6, imagery in line 7.


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