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Do you have a lot of members on your Facebook group or many likes on

your Facebook page?

Do you have over 1000 friends on your Facebook account?

If yes; then you need to wake up and stop missing this opportunity of

turning your gift of humor, human relationship and charisma in


Cease wondering how, what way to make it happen. All you need is a

free Facebook account (which you already have) and a sign-up at ecwid

account. Follow the steps below:

1) Log into your Facebook account and open

http://apps.facebook.com/ecwid-shop/ If you do not have Ecwid store on

Facebook yet, then click the "Install App" button. If you want to add

one more Ecwid store, all you need to do is proceed to the 4th step of

these instructions.

2) Click OK button to bond Ecwid app with your Facebook, allowing

Ecwid application to access basic information on your profile and

manage your pages. Your permission is very necessary to get a list of

your Facebook pages and determine if you are allowed to manage

settings of the Ecwid store

assigned to the page.

NOTE: If you receive error in the process, you do not admin any page

for which the Ecwid application can be installed (for better

understanding, check the Ecwid FAQ section). If you do not have a

Facebook page, you can create one.

If you see warning, the application is already installed for all

applicable pages.

3) On this step you should select the pages to which Ecwid will be

added. Choose a page from the

dropdown and click Add Page Tab.

4) Ecwid application has been added to your page. The last step is to

connect your Ecwid account to the app. If you already have an Ecwid

account, you'll find your Store ID as described but if you haven't got

an Ecwid account yet, you will have to create it for free at

my.ecwid.com Paste your Store ID to the Ecwid Store ID field (you will

be able to change the other values later). Then press Save.

5) Your Ecwid store is ready. You can find it by direct "Your Facebook

Store" link in the end of the "Settings" page. The link to your

Facebook store is added to the

page's tabs link with "Products" name.

Hope the process is simple to follow? Start having financial fun on Facebook.

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