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Are you born again?
By yourself
Or at the vigil?
Are you born again for real?
How did you do it?

So you've stopped acting waywardly in public
But waywardly in private?
So you've stopped singing "Go Down Low"
But listen to it with the earpiece?
So you've stopped flirting with colleagues at the office
But double date the choristers secretly?
Truly you're a born again like me.

Every vigil
I'm called out to be born again
Next vigil I'll be born again
Next vigil I'll be born again
Every vigil
I keep becoming born again again.

O! To be born again.
It's such a drama
It's such a show
An unrepentant soul
Calling unrepentant souls
To be born again again
No wonder, we keep backsliding.

Are you born again?
O! A liar I'll be
To claim God ask me
To ask you
If you're a born again

I only wish to ask you
Are you born again?
Or are you hunting
For souls to be born again?!
Why is this old fashion still in vogue?

Claiming to be born again or not
Seriously, God is God and man is man
Both will act accordingly
No man on earth I've ever seen
Live on earth non-sinfully

Now tell me
Are you comically born again?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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