#1. Analysis Of The Cathedral By Kofi Awoonor
Awoonor's displease is obvious from the first line of the poem with the phrase "dirty patch". A patch is meant to cover a dam...Read Full Article >>>

#2. Analysis Of The Anvil And The Hammer By Kofi Awoonor
This is another African poem that focuses its subject on the conflict of culture_ sharing the same theme with the poem titled "Piano an...Read Full Article >>>

#3. Song Of Sorrow 1 And 2 By Kofi Awoonor (Imagery)
Born on March 13, 1935, Kofi Awoonor was a Ghanaian poet and author well-known for combining the poetic traditions of his native Ewe with co...Read Full Article >>>

Kofi Awoonor (AH-wew-nohr) is an accomplished writer in a range of genres. He has shown a lifelong interest in the oral poetry of his Ewe-speaking Anlo people and...]


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