"Corruption is a tree, whose branches are
Of an immeasurable length: they spread
Ev'rywhere; and the dew that drops from thence
Hath infected some chairs and stools of authority."
(Act III, scene 3 of The Honest Man's Fortune by John Fletcher)

"The fiddling and fudging executives, the colluding auditors, and the sleeping government agencies have given us a narrative of corruption and evil that used to be so third worldly, it is not just a story of how gangsters and buccaneers have taken advantage of free enterprise: It is also a story of America's fall from grace.
America used to take itself seriously as the moral policeman of the world. Now with Enron et al and untidy relationship between politicians and businessmen, it is clear that the era of moral grandstanding is gone." The quote above shows that corruption is a global haedache but the its roots in Africa has been ground breaking. In our darling country, the efforts of fighting corruption have been so comical in all forms. Many noisy and white elephant agencies such as ICPC, NAFDAC, SON, EFCC, NBC, just to mention few_ have remained a caricature of their own realities.

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In Nigeria, for example, the ethical code of practice for most professions are essentially derived from, and moulded within the context of what obtains in Western societies of Europe and America on whose cultures, norms, values, economic structure, the educational foundations of contemporary Nigerian society are largely patterned. These days, many business wallow in pain while trying to adhere to the normal path of transaction in the face of poverty. It has been claimed that Corruption Is The Cause of Poverty In Nigeria and such cannot be far from the truth as many experts have explained How Corruption Destroys the Nigerian Economy

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According to the The ICPC Act 1999, below are few things to understand about actions that could lead to corruption and their possible punishments:

  1. Offences of accepting gratification
  2. Offences of giving or accepting gratification through agent
  3. Acceptor or giver of gratification to be guilty notwithstanding that purpose was not carried out or matter in relation to principal's affairs or business
  4. Counceling offences relating to corruption
  5. Fraudulent acquisition of property
  6. Fraudulent receipt of property
  7. Penalty for offences committed through postal system
  8. Deliberate frustration of investigation by the commission
  9. Making false statement or return
  10. Gratification by and through agents
  11. Definition of agent
  12. Bribery of public officer
  13. Using office or position for gratification
  14. Forfeiture of gratification and other penalties
  15. Duty to report bribery transactions
  16. Dealing with property acquired through gratification
  17. Making false or misleading statements to the commission
  18. Attempt, conspiracy punishable offences

We are supposed to be seeing billboards and banners of The ICPC Act 1999 on every streets, shopping malls, private and public buildings but all we see everyday are banners and billboards of stuff_ let's just say Gold Circle, Coca Cola, Dettol, Honeywell_ in a country that continually drowns in the ocean of corruption.

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