Bitcoin Facts

Everybody understands the word cryptocurrency; which is simply referred to as the internet money. Bitcoin is first of its kind and its integrity has got it to be one of the universal medium of exchange: people make payment for goods and services with Bitcoin. People buy and sell Bitcoin as a means of investment. People do a whole lot these days with Bitcoin.

Some among the terminologies associated with Bitcoin are 
  1.  Node: A connector
  2. Buy: As the name implies_ buying of Bitcoin. 
  3. Sell: As the name implies_ selling of Bitcoin. 
  4. Satoshi: This is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. 
  5. Faucet: This is used for any application software that provides Bitcoin. 
  6. Mining: This is the act of digging for Bitcoin. 
  7. Miner: This is the person or device that performs the mining. 

Monitoring Bitcoin conversion rates is another known tasks among traders; as Bitcoin is known to flunctuate, this demands the need to compare its rate to other currencies of the world: dollar, euro, naira, ethereum, etc. For instance, 1 Bitcoin equals 3000+ dollars. The popular Bitcoin exchange rate sites are:(1) Luno (2) (3) Etoro (4)Coinmarketcap, just to mention few. 

One of the ways, to keep abreast of all happening around the world with bitcoin is to get instant updates and where such can be possible is via the following Coindesk, BitconnectCointelegraph, Cryptocoinsnews, etc. No wonder there are lots of awareness and promotion from those whose businesses are in the area of Bitcoin. If you visit the following websites, they will give you an opened-eye to how Bitcoin is advertised (Leadsleap, Adtactics, Listjoe, InstantXchange, etc)

Bitcoin Acquisition

Almost everybody online today is hungry for bitcoin. You already know about stocks and bonds (the money market investment) and now that cryptocurrencies have come to stay, investors are using their local money marketing skills to add the trading of bitcoin into their financial funnels. There are two ways to acquire Bitcoin: (1) Paid To Acquire Bitcoin (2) Free To Acquire Bitcoin. The easiest way is to pay for Bitcoin and watch it rise or fall. The paid means can be done by buying Bitcoin from sellers at whatever rate they offer or go into Bitcoin mining via the use of software or hardware. The free means is very difficult and very risky. Bitcoin can be acquired free through various means: 
  1. Bitcoin Games: This is a process where you play games online to gain Bitcoin in exchange examples are Bitrunner, Takara and you will find detailed article about Bitcoin Game from this link 
  2. Survey-for-Bitcoin: This is a process where you take survey online to gain Bitcoin in exchange examples are surveypolicebitcoinbarrel 
  3. Stream-for-Bitcoin: This is a process where you stream online to gain Bitcoin in exchange and example is BitGamer
  4. Bitcoin Blog Monetization: It is the act of placing ad code into a blog to earn Bitcoib base on CPC or CPM examples are Coinzilla Mellowads Cointraffic 
  5. Paid-Bitcoin-To-Install: This is a process where you install stuffs to gain Bitcoin in exchange examples is Coinbucks

No matter what the case may be, anyone who is ready to get involved in Bitcoin matter will create or open an account or more. Not even now that Bitcoin banks exist and people are beginning to carry Bitcoin Debit Card in their wallets.

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