Am I the only one wondering "Where Are Women In This Internet Entrepreneurship?"

The internet as a universe is a place for everyone_ male and female; and so should the internet entrepreneurship be but with the look of things, there is an obvious male dominance is such area of internet activities.
While many women are still busy hugging their teddy bears or maybe engorsed in Zuma, few women who have seized the opportunities embedded in the internet business have found it very easy to reach the floodlights; a prove that there are still much fallow lands for women.

What possibly can justify women's inactiveness in the internet enterpreneurship?

  • And don't tell me, women do not need the internet aided money? I can't never accept such excuse; not in this era when ecommerce has saturated every electronic devices (televisions, mobile phones, personal computers, electronic billboards, etc) so heavily that e-stores and e-malls are seen every second on internet aided laptops and mobile apps.

  • Okay, maybe computer programming languages are too ugly to attract women's attention, but are women not studying computer sciences? A flip through records led me to a certain infograph, that stated "women earn only 18% of all undergraduate computer and information sciences degrees". 

Luckly for the women folks, amidst thousands of the daily emails that flood my inbox like the favor of God, I suddenly found an interesting one with a title that made me say: "Ehe? You people have been reading my mind." Before get so carried away, the title of the email in question read: EMPOWERING AND PROMOTING WOMEN IN TECH.

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