Laptop computers are increasingly becoming more popular than desktop computers because of the added portability that they offer users. As long as you aren't restricted by an Ethernet Cable, a laptop can allow you the freedom of surfing the internet in any room in the house.
The only thing you need is accessible wireless internet. Here are some easy steps for those that are unsure of how to turn on the wireless feature on their laptop computer.

Step 1: If you have a fairly new laptop, chances are that there is a wireless switch located on the side of your device. Check all sides, including the front and back of the laptop. Typically this switch is a thin strip and may have an light to indicate that the wireless is turned on.

Step 2: If your laptop doesn't have a switch, check your keyboard to see if there is a wireless key. Usually the key is located on the "F12" key. If it's not there, check the rest of the "F" keys. There should be an antenna symbol to indicate that the key is the wireless button. Press the button and hold it down to enable the wireless feature.

Step 3: If neither options work, you may have a laptop that is running Microsoft XP. Manually enable your wireless by entering the start menu. Once you have the start menu open, click on "My Computer" and then right click on "Network Connections". An option to enable or disable your wireless internet should appear. One of these three steps should help solve most of your wireless issues.

Tips: If all three of these steps fail, call your internet service provider to ensure that there is not a service outage in your area. If there is you can simply wait a few hours to see if the issue resolves itself or you can reset your wireless box to see if it fixes the connection.

Warnings: It is highly recommended that you always log on to a secure connection, especially if you are planning on transferring sensitive data such as credit card information. If you find this post helpful, check my other two posts “How to find the best programming and coding laptop” and “Best Notebook Computer For College Students"

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