What Is The Paradox
Any person who does understand the word "paradox" will submit to the fact that there are senses in some nonsenses_ I mean like this blog post. So when it comes to the discussion about feedburner, opinions are debatable between folks. I applaud lifewire for writing an article about 4 benefits that webmasters enjoy for using feedburner  but those are non of my motive for writing this article.

My concern has to do with those occasional love-to-click visitors that come once to a blog but are lost forever as a result of a blogger's naivety.
Those kind of visitors click on every thing found in a blog_ they can't help their fingers but click on anything clickable; links, buttons, adsense banners, etc. Those are precious visitors every webmasters want to see come again and again to their blogs but those new to blogging always miss the privilege to keep them coming back at no cost with the proper use of feedburner.

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How does this discussion relate to Adsense click? The word Adsense in this article is a metaphor for any monetized banner. A visitor's click on monetized banner generate a reward but such short-term reward would have been made a mammoth and long-term reward with the help of feedburner knowing that a subscribed visitor sticks around compared to non-subscribed visitor who comes and goes like a river under the bridge. Okay, come to think of it, RSS can be monetized with Adsense with the aid of feedburner; hope I'm very much correct .

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What Is Feedburner?
Google Inc is the owner of feedburner and AdSense_ that is no more a news. Feedburner, being a feed management platform, has so many features I passionately adore_ not only because it's a free service but it has stood the test of time. Permit me to admit that feedburner has gathered many criticisms from those who crave for advance automation of their email marketing projects and developers of feedburner alternatives. They prefer to pay the price so far as they can get what their email marketing projects demand. Other paid feedburner alternatives do allow free trial but it doesn't worth the effort if at later time such a naive fellow will be frustrated to run back to the ever free feedburner. 

As we continue to go deep into this era of multi-tasking, catching up with informative emails and sending out information via email to multiple channels would have been very hard without the help of automation tools such as feedburner, or

Robert Skidelsky and Edward Skidelsky's book "How Much Is Enough?" claimed that John Keynes look into the future was inaccurate_ as seen in a particular Wikipedia article about the book that says and I quote, "The book asks why Westerners work so many hours per week and lead lives that revolve around money, business and financial decisions in defiance of John Maynard Keynes' 1930 assertion that there would come a time (around 2015) when capitalism would be able to provide for all our needs and the work week would drop to 10 or even 5 hours". Shouldn't it not be considered that even though Keynes' view lack accuracy, his opinion remains relevant till date. As it can obviously be seen around the globe, capitalism thrives but the pace of daily changes has forced humanity to strive to meet up via robotic assistance such as automation and other computer aided tools alike. In the area of website management, these computer aided tool have assisted webmasters in keyword researching for maximum effectiveness. And still on effectiveness, a simple flip through the search engine will come up with at least 8 free alternative to feedburner_ such as sumo, drip, addthis. Yes, Addthis Tools are very very awesome and mesmerizing for traffic boost, email listing, lead generation, and many more.

The Love Rate For Feedburner
Jane Friedman is one of those lovers of email marketing and in one of her blog post , she admitted, "I believe in two things: (1) the power of e-mail communication (at least for my demographic of readers) and (2) the power of providing good service to those loyal readers"

Effective and efficient feedback is also part of the things that propel people's love for feedburner that's why I'm kind of certain that the authors of The One Minute Manager are among the millions who love feedburner. 

The bottom line is that no matter what webmasters gather to paint about feedburner_ be it good or bad, my stress-free experience with feedburner has prompted me stand on this rooftop of internet skyscraper to shout my love for using it as a tool for blog management ease.

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