Not long the king of Aransi dethroned
Inadvertent doom began to hover like drone
The bestial poverty let loose_ so it seems
Many kids kidnapped on the ways to streams
Hike in price of matchsticks and fishes
Desperacy goaded minds to ill road to riches
Hike in the price of precious petrol
Despite radio pleas of Desmond Obilo
Should I remove cote of arm on my door?
Aransi village pleasures me no more
As clothes and wears turn rags overnight
Food items disappear faster than speed of light
The healthy hearts wane without symptoms
Aransi villagers wondered apocalyptic has finally come
Night in night out_ evil waves blow out lanterns
Impromptu silence override their pleasure pattern
Gang of black cats with mercury iris
Beat drums of doom atop many roofs
Upside down bats hang around as street gamblers
Mortality rate multipled with each morning per many mourners
Dwellers then sleep with one eye scared of  ill haunters
The king and kinsmen gathered to seek antidote
"To consult the gods" got the majority vote
Incantations, libations, calabash of rituals
The oracle had no choice than to be factual
The chief priest limped into the palace
Waiting there, was the king and elderly faces
He spread his cowry decorated mat on the floor
Hung his goat-skin bag by the wooden door
Stamped his feet, rolled his eyes like a dice
Aand beat his tiny gong thrice
He began to mumble some strange linguistics
Then finally declared for there to be peace
In Aransi village_ dwellers must cease
Casting their votes for Absurd Political Clowns (APC).

Enunwa Chukwudinma S.
aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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