My name is Majiyagbe
And as fresh as yesterday,
I can still remember
The day I fell in love
With another man’s wife
Holding a cutlass I waited
Under a leafy mahogany tree
Waiting for my friend Jelili
Well-known among the dwellers
In Agidigbo village of ours

Yes, trouble was the only wife
Of my troublesome friend Jelili
In our village where timidity
Is much a killer-disease
Three bullies_ in daylight_
Snatched the girlfriend of me
Made up my mind to embrace trouble
Teaming with Jelili to cough out revenge
Waiting still under the mahogany tree
Coming and going were men or women
Suddenly appeared a beautiful she
Twisting her hips aligning to the zigzag path
The youngest wife of the chief hunter
Her wrapper tightly carved her maturity out
She was so tempting yet not as my darling
Snatched by three bullies_ anger energized me
As Apeke passed and cornered and disappeared
Jelili appeared bare-footed, cutlass in hand
Under the tall, leafy mahogany tree
Weather was cool it was the mild evening
The path down the valley to
Amororo, the pure flowing stream
The bullies digest weeds in nearby bushes
So Jelili and I lurked waiting
The battle line was drawn
The bullies were up the creek…

Enunwa Chukwudinma S. aka samueldpoetry

(the Leo with wings flying)

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