Nigeria you see today was a land of milk and honey.
Honeywell and Dangote weren’t yet the monopoly
Monopolizing the basic needs of the citizenries
The citizens led the life of kings in green white green  
In green white green_ the land of dreams, until one day
Day broke to sprinkle the nation-soils with blood shedding
 Blood of each other with weapons of chaos, rioting
Riotous burning, unquestionable executing, coup d’états,
Coup d’états; brutal enough to bake souls into untimely death
Death in death out, chasing one another up and down
And down the drama, a heroic soldier dropped his crown
His crown to deranged and obnoxiously fake democracy
Democracy of false policies: privatization, fuel subsidy
From subsidy to amnesty, from amnesty to sure-p
From sure-p down to tragic flaw of the umbrella
The umbrella left the bench for the brooms
The brooms then deceived eyes with asset declarations
Declaring changes to the state of the nation
The nation democratic uniform change from bad to worse  
So worst; they drain the purse of nation with no remorse.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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