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Time-in time-out we see money run around (both reasonably and unreasonably). Take it or leave it, everybody is bossy to the servant_ money.

When it comes to investment, some people's focus is fixed; they either engage in a certain business investment or nothing.

I was going through an eBook, the previous week and what the author (Robert Kiyosaki) hammered most in the eBook was Diversification.

In the eBook, he wrote, "Sit down with any financial planner and they will tell you to diversify.
They will then go on to talk about small-cap and large-cap funds. They will explain why you will need funds that focus on this sector and a few from that sector. They will also encourage you to invest internationally too..."

From the words of Robert Kiyosaki, we can conclude that diversification is a pro act. Well, I have mentioned his name in many of my blog posts, not just because he speaks highly of high yield investments but Kiyosaki was my foundation of financial investment education.

He does have a recent youtube video titled 17 Investment Secrets You Are Not Using free for everyone to watch.

My suggestion on diversification is to try out the stock market. This can simply be done via the medium call Mutual Fund. The fear that mostly pierce the hearts of the newcomers is that losing their investment to bad dividend and/or inflation.

With the look of things, investors now seem safe.

As of 18th of August, the previous year, when Nigeria stock market witnessed great spike, Lagos source for reuters.com website revealed GTbank shares rose 6.47 percent to close at 39.50 naira, while Zenith Bank gained 6.61 percent to close at 24.53 naira. As at the moment I'm crafting this post January 5, 2018; GTbank close at 43.00 to gain 1.34 while Zenith Bank close at 27.90 to 0.58 but what about other stocks that happened to rise only to fall few weeks later.

In a recent post, dividend.com website listed Apple No.1 on 7 Stocks Likely to Increase Their Dividends in 2018_ from an expert point of view, those with Apple stock probably now have a better chance of yield than those not acknowledged by experts' microscopic views.

About the fear of inflation, The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is scheduled to release the inflation figure for December 2017 on January 16, 2018, based on the Data Release Calendar available on the Bureau's website.

The Economic Intelligence Group forecasts December inflation rate (year-on-year) will remain unchanged at 15.9%, maintaining the same figure recorded in November. I don't also think any beyond-boarder investor will miss this article titled 10 Stocks That Can Outperform 2018 

Now that you know that you have less to fear, let's examine the actives of a reputable mutual fund manager you should toss your earnings to.

The First Bank Mutual Fund manager

The good news is that the images below will save you of wordiness and direct you to the kind of mutual fund that soothes your

The Heritage Fund

The Money Market Fund

The Fixed Income Fund

Finally and more importantly, it necessary to view The Mutual Fund Most Of Embrace.

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