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Most plugin require upgrade in order to access all the features...

There are lot of plugins to pick from when it comes to shrinking url in wordpress blog, the only one I can vouch for is Jectpack URL shortener called WP.me. It is solely wordpress not for any other content management system (e.g blogger or joomla).

It has some ease of use; when enabled, it automatically assigns every new post id a shrinked url which the post writer can pick by clicking the WP.me icon standing among the icons visible in the text editor tool bar.

Most plugin require upgrade in order to access all the features but all features are accessible in jetpack WP.me shrinker.

Wordpress, being a security conscious blog, always ensure all jetpack softwares are safe from malware and spammers. Therefore, WP.me is also safe to use.

Another fact is that other plugins might crash the website in case of incompatibility with the theme but jetpack WP.me is compatibility with all WordPress themes.

The link generated by the jetpack WP.me is permanent as long as the blog or it post is not deleted.

As said, there are lot of similar url shortener and here are three of the most embraced: 1. Adfly 2. Goo.gl 3. Bitly. They are third-party plugins which any wordpress blogger activate in their blog.

Adfly is well used because it doesn't just shorten url, it also monetizes the url and adds additional dollar to the blogger's pocket. It can shrink a single url or many url with the use of the mass url shrinker tool. It can also be used as website entry script or a pop-under generator.

Goo.gl is also used as another url shortener by wordpress bloggers because it is own by google inc. With its accurate analytics, it tracks the shortened URL for the blogger to discover how effective the link has been.

Bitly, as a third-party url shortener plugin, is also popular among wordpress users.

The importance of url shortener are 1. It reduces space 2. It determines effectiveness of url 3. It is the easiest online income source 4. It helps affiliate marketer and online marketpaces 

The few disadvances are 1. It is void of transparency 2. It is easily used by spammers 3. It might affect the original url search engine optimiation

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