Amazon is one of the largest and well trusted online store.

These days, It is no longer a rocket science to earn from mere click unlike in the early days of internet marketing cost per sale was the order of the era.

Time is money.

The times that yield nothing despite efforts invested in CPA are such a huge blow on the part of the webmaster.

In this world of online marketing, a single click is synonymous to a billion dollar awareness campaign.

That is why many folks have given up on e-commerce affiliate promotion to adhere to CPM and CPC campaigns.

As regards Cost Per Click (CPC), the easiest way to generate thousands of clicks is via URL shrinking which is not limited to a domain but everywhere on internet by the help of "share buttons".

As said earlier that Amazon is one of the most patronized shopping malls online, one can swiftly gain from promoting Amazon products by adopting the culture if shrinking Amazon product URL before sharing it.

What would have made the system unfortunate is the fact that most URL shortening websites have interstitial as their sole option.

Interstitial takes the link to a diverted place before getting to the promised destination (but not all links with interstitial get to their promised destinations).

That is why the framed banner is the better practice.

A shrunk Amazon product URL with framed banner will go straight to the Amazon product URL as promised.

While the prospective customer shops for product without the feeling of link betrayal, the promoter earning for shrinking the Amazon link; win-win situation for both party.

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