As Thursday 19th of April approaches to add flavor to the Multiple Income Streams seminar which took place at the Nustreams Conference and Cultural Center on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of April 2018 respectively, the strong motivation gathered at the 2-day seminar still remains.

Though the 2-day seminar focused more on e-trading yet, some aspects of the seminar were harnessed to open the attendees eyes to the new techniques in e-commerce, e-services and e-currencies (also known as cryptocurrencies).

Aim of the Seminar

The seminar arranged by Rally Trade, the rightful owner of Rally Academy, had the speaker; Michael Akinnagbe explained why internet opportunities surpass offline opportunities.

He then mentioned the current regret of many folks (including himself) who failed to grab the invincible opportunity of bitcoin investment at the earlier hours.

Michael, in his statement, advised the 2000+ attendees to emulate him by starting to embrace other digital currencies such as ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, dogecoin, etc.

the Bitcoin Alternatives

The truth is that some are still gathering their own satoshi via a-ads and other faucet means.

Besides the hits I dropped in one of my articles Free Bitcoin Acquisition Strategies, many mining platforms are available for those who have dimmed it fit to join the e-currency hunting.

Mining is a competitive game, and in order to prevent all 21 million bitcoins being mined too quickly, the protocol deliberately makes mining more difficult and the reward smaller as the chain progresses. In 2009 the reward was 50 bitcoins, in 2014 it was 25, and in 2016 it was cut to 12.5." [according to financemagnates website].

Sometimes I feel the word "mining" is far too intimidating than the act. If students can be mining cryptocurrencies at their dorm rooms then I still find it very wonderful that my PC busy does the mining on dogeminer.cc while I engage myself in other stuffs like playing chess with a friend or watching football matches.

Free Online Forex Training Service

Taking online tutorial at instaforex seems the way forward to building on the tiny e-trade knowledge gathered at the aforementioned Rally Academy seminar which will also hold a 3-day detailed training on e-trade, e-services, e-commerce, and e-currency at Nustream Conference and Cultural Centre on Thursday 19th April, Friday 20th April, and Saturday 21th April 2018.

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