We said Mr. Tandi cannot dance
Yet Mr. Tanditandi wants to climb the stage
O! Nigeria, your power pageantry is abused
We’ve counted three-sixty-five multiplied by three
Yet no promise_ not even one, is yet justified

Justice is a menace, not to mention electricity
Law of gravity cannot reduce price of petrol
Hardworking youths are called lazy
Three-sixty-five naira equals to one dollar
They still wish to pay evil hands amnesty_

Bombing, maiming, kidnapping have pirated our
National good image and integrity
Why should we vote him second time?
He that made dollar mock naira in marketplace
Why should we afford him second time?

He that sparrows abroad with tax-payers money
Why should we endure him second time?
Educated masses are frustrated yet
Professor Lie-More-Ahead feeds
Our media with virus of deceitful lists

These thieves-hunting-thieves dramatic plot
Is way too boring to comprehend
Everything rises and falls on leadership
Remove now this harmful hand of monkey from our soup
Before it transforms to a living human hand.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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