Most people think that debt is a four-letter word. The standard wisdom is to get out of debt as fast as possible.

But did you know there is such thing as GOOD debt?

The difference between good and bad debt isn’t mysterious. Good debt makes you rich while bad debt makes you poor.

Bad debt is debt you accumulate that YOU must pay off.

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Good debt is debt your assets pay off, NOT you.

In the stock world, there are different kinds of debt. The most common debt is called a margin. This is a loan your broker, or online broker, give you to purchase stocks. It uses your existing stocks as collateral.

If you use a margin to buy stocks based on your education and educated strategies then you are using the margin to buy an asset and that is good debt. You will create profit that will be used to pay off the debt.

So, this is good debt as the stocks you purchased create the money to pay back the debt.

If you are using a margin to buy a stock on a hunch or off a “hot” tip, then you are gambling. I doubt there are many people who think it’s a good idea to borrow money to go gambling.

That would be bad debt.

The last thing we want to make clear about debt is that using debt is the fastest way to build wealth…

but it is also the most dangerous.

Debt is a lot like a loaded gun.

If you use it without training and education terrible things can happen. If you use it correctly and with your education it can be a great tool.

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