Goal setting and goal achievement is synonymous to playing the game of Super Mario from level 1 to level 8; challenges are certain, even when the player understands how to navigate the game pad.

The subject of goal setting is a no-go-area for some people_ if that is you, then this blog post will change your mindset.

Let's take it this way.

If goals are like giants, then you need a giant slayer.

If goals are like demons, then you need a demon binding strategy.

A lot of people work really hard at figuring out how to set and achieve all their life goals—yet never get to work on the FEW KEY THINGS that really make a massive difference.

The following instruments will further enhance your means of goal attainment:

This Video
This Podcast
This Infograph
This eBook

The consequence of not leveraging these tips is not just wasted time: regular monthly earning is also possible to blindfold the life of your genuine dreams.

Of course, you can’t just simply write down your goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and discover your purpose without the right tools and strategies.

You need an umbrella of a mentor while you go for your goal.

You need an assured spirit that is complemented with motivation.

You need this strategy called fake-it-to-make-it.

You need at least a ounce of divine support (even though you don't deem it necessary).

You need to put timing into consideration_ not in a way that will give room to procrastination.
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