My fellow friends and my fellow folks
If an injury will always leave a scar
Why should we cease to speak our hearts?
In this political era of scammers
Why should the masses cease pestering the crickets?
When no elephant meat is yet in their meals
As government of the day refuses to turn a new leaf
Why should the masses cease pronouncing their evil deals?
Therefore, my fellow friends and my fellow folks
At the roof top of this social network
We will shout our heart out
For soon and very soon, I say unto thee
The electoral commission will goad us
To their sunny polling booths
Like the parable of the wheat and the shaft
The polite masses will be missed with the touts
And ballot boxes will be stolen_ we already know
And ballot papers will be manipulated_ we know
And riggers will rig our patience of queuing
As if we're living on earth to be their fools
But their rigging acts won't yield them any good
The will be slapped by Mr. Vanity
They will become 100% miserable than the masses
And guilty conscience will give them cardiac arrest
Before the end of four years...

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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