Even if I had chosen to be dull, this present universe has remolded me to be smart.

In what way exactly?

Guys, just chill and let me explain.

Now that everything around me is smart_ smart this, smart that; my activities keep getting better and faster.

Yesterday evening, within 30 minutes I was able to craft 11 new poems with the help of an app I just downloaded from app store.

I'm very certain you'll be like "HOW IS THAT MY BUSINESS?"

okay, if you believe it is non-relevant to the topic; I partly agree.

What about the apps that are daily solving my cryptocurrency questions like mathematical equations?

Having cryptocurrency apps are useful for the following reasons: wallets, news, faucets, mining, etc.

Actually, of all, cryptocurrency wallet is prioritized. Through it, sending and receiving currency are made possible, exchange rates are monitored, cryptocurrency rise or fall alert is received, just to mention few.

At first, my cryptocurrency wallet was coinbase before I switched to luno because luno integrates wallet with local bank account not with ATM card which removes the stress of ATM card verification or even rejection.

Another alternative to luno is coinomi.

Though I'm yet given attention to faucets and mining but I installed Bitcoin Smart Faucet, Faucet Cryptocoin, Multiminer app, and Litecoin Miner app.

Coindesk app is for on-the-go updates on cryptocurrency news.

Additional apps I cherish dearly on my smart device are PoloTracker for tracking the marketable cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stratis, etc.) then the zTrader for screening activities in the cryptocurrency market.

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