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Once you open the aging door of 50, those things your strength can assist you to attain become 60% reduced not excluding those you regard as hobby.

By this time, not all hobbies are fun. In comparison to hobbies such as hiking, biking, mountaineering, diving, etc. fun can still be found in reading, writing, learning, camping, playing music, playing games, performing magics, rearing pets, painting, designing, volunteering, etc.

In terms of partaking in money yielding hobbies at age 50+, not all of the afforementioned can assure such.

Experts have highly recommended taking volunteering based on the advantages attached to it. "Volunteering at an organization can also help you develop new skills that you can use to boost your resume."

Picking forex trading as a hobby at 50+ has interested me so much except for the fact in such time and age, cardiac arrest can be very prevalent_ it scared me as to how someone who wasn't used to forex trading can successfully pick it up at such age.

It pushed me to inquire until I found a lovemoney blog post on the subject where a fraction of it wrote: "Many traders would make just a couple of ‘entries’ (buying or selling stocks or forex) a day; these were retail traders and happy to remain so."

In a nutshell, trading can be a wise deccision for anyone at whatever age if practiced wisely. As a Nigerian, there so many trading platforms (forexbrokerz, alpari, forextime, instaforex, fxempire, mrforex)_ so many that one can't even decide the best place to trade until tried.

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