Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi would been a reasonable personality illustration to support this blog title because every eyes can see and every ear can hear the way they keep exchanging ballon d'or like athletes exchanging relay baton.

Yet I have decided to go a different direction with my illustrations by looking into the thoughts and mindsets carried by a fellow you probably do not know.

In his article he wrote, "Think about the story you tell yourself about yourself. In all the lives you could be living, in all of the worlds you could simulate, how much did luck play a role in this one? Have you gotten more than your fair share? Have you had to deal with more struggles than most? I ask you this question because accepting luck as a primary determinant in your life is one of the most freeing ways to view the world.
Why? Because when you realize the magnitude of happenstance and serendipity in your life, you can stop judging yourself on your outcomes and start focusing on your efforts. It’s the only thing you can control."

Well, before you nod your head in total agreement to his thoughts and mindsets, be patient and let give you the complete details of Nick Maggiulli's genius.

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