I'm sure that you've stopped losing your hairs on how to make payment on your smart devices and computer.

Now is the time to stop wasting time on payment processes.

It can be really frustrating in a situation when you have many task to complete but can only finish one before taking another.

In terms of sending transfer, such act is a huge labour especially when you need to send transfer to many recipients.

In order to avoid such hacculeen  task, many people had chosen the Paystack service_ using the Paystack API to perform their bulk payments. It's been said that digital payment has a way of assisting Nigerian government

Paystack is a Nigerian base digital payment processing company where verified members can make or receive payment via computer or smart devices. The company has its office at 3A Ladoke Akintola, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria.

Because of their care for customers, Paystack has taken a step further by embedding the "Bulk Transfer" button in every member's dashboard.

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Previously, you could only send bulk transfers via the Paystack API, and only send transfers one at a time from the Dashboard. With Bulk Transfers on the Paystack Dashboard, you can now upload a spreadsheet of multiple transfer recipients, click, and transfer.

Bulk Transfers on the Paystack Dashboard can be helpful in following ways:
1. To make transfers to more than one recipient at the same time.

2. To make bulk transfers without writing a single line of code.

3. To confirm that your recipients’ bank account numbers are valid before your transfer.

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