I know how N-Power has been provided by the Nigerian Government to distract Nigerians from the fact that they never for once have the interest of the masses at heart.

Every developed and developing countries with growth are providing their tax payers with programmes that not only can stand the test of time but capable elevating their standard of living.

Here we are with a Nigerian government dishing out mediocre schemes or programmes with nothing but the unlying motive to embezzle while the youth and masses remain blindfolded.

If you had taken time to watch your TV or Read news concerning Osun State Gubernatorial election held today, you will have no choice than shed tears for the future of this nation called Nigeria (politicians and electorates displayed their poverty driven potentials)

This article is motivated by the crappy e-mail I just received in my gmail box; a very disgusting and annoying scheme that tosses around the vision of Nigerian youths like dice in a gambler's hand.
You too can read the e-mail below: 

"N-Power, the federal government’s National Social Investment Programme has announced that applicants yet to be shortlisted will be considered for recruitment in two other categories.
The announcement was made on N-power’s Twitter handle @npower_ng.
“If you applied for any of the N-Power Graduate programmes and you were not shortlisted, you are likely to receive a message that you have been shortlisted for either the N-Power Tech or Creative programm

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