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According to github, the following process are crucial:

Login to your Blockchain.info account and navigate to the 'Security Center' and then click on the 'Phrase Backup' Option under Level 1 sellect the wallet containing the address you want to recover. Then go to Settings then to Addresses.
Find the wallet that contains the address you want to recover/import into Omniwallet. Count down the list of wallets starting with 0 for the first/'My Bitcoin Wallet' and once you have your recovery phrase, you will need access to the Bip39 generator by downloading the 'bip39-standalone.html' file directly from github to thumbdrive.

On your offline machine access/open/load the 'bip39-standalone.html' file and Then Click Here
Not only that, you learn Why You Should Backup Your Private Keys? and be safe during any crash whatsoever by not falling victim of lost funds.
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