If business is like a pair of trousers, then customers are like the buttons that hold it firm to the owner's waist.

Heppell feels for those stores falling by the wayside_ he came up with some factors that can help stores improve their growth in terms of customer base.

If one look at his ideas, myopic mind may conclude that they can only be applicable to offline stores but the truth is that both offline and online can harness his ideas for their growth.

The question is "Who is Michael Heppell?" He is a public speaker, a success coach and the author of many bestselling books and one of them is titled "Flip It".

Store owners can acquire and sustain more customers if they are motivated to serve, inspire, love and listen to each and every of their customers.

Michael Heppell noted that most stores depreciate as a result of not doing the following:

"Greet every customer (See, Smile, Say hello)

Engage, have meaningful conversations, and NEVER ask, ‘Is there anything I can help you with’ unless you’re happy with, ‘No thanks, just looking’.

Be helpful, make suggestions. Remember, it’s easier to make a second sale once a customer has committed to the first."

If you are done checking out Michael Heppell's books, then it time to learn more.
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