One of those literature that centers idea on scientific war is Grunt by Mary Roach. Well, you might want to view the detailed Summary of Grunt by Mary Roach.
        According to, "Medicine is an umbrella theme in Grunt, incorporating smaller themes such as disease, injury, and survival, to name a few. Military medical research is some of the most cutting-edge research in the field of medicine—particularly as it pertains to trauma care. Field medics are trained to respond in stressful, adrenaline-inducing scenarios that ER doctors would never face in a hospital. They train on Cut Suits designed to bleed like human flesh and learn how to treat wounds that only appear in battle. Military doctors also face the challenge of trying to keep up with the new injuries caused by new types of weapons and warfare. Methods used by doctors in the Vietnam War or even the Gulf War are obsolete now, in the age of IEDs."

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