Monetizing Blog With Native Push Notification.

One of the most trending ad format is the Native Push Notification.

It is simply a notification that suddenly appears from nowhere when reading a website or blog content; it mostly appears with options for the reader to either allow or disallow.

The cool thing about this ad format is that big content websites and blogs have embraced it.

It presents itself like the normal email subscription pop-up but whoever clicks the "allow" option will randomly be receiving Native Ads.

The Native Push Notification is an offspring of imaginative creativity_ a combination of subcription button and native ad delivery.

The use of a mere button as an advertising tool has been in existence for quite awhile. Clicksor and infinityads use it. Whenever their ad code is placed in a blog, a button written "Notification" will be floating at one side of the blog page and whenever it's clicked, the button triggers redirect and popunder.

On the other hand, for more than three years now; Content ad or Native ad has gained more favor than the text ad and banner ad. As online surfers begin to get more and more bored by the obvious Native ads which in most times are never relevant with the content of website they appear, this Native Push Notification is the saving grace for both ad networks and blog/ website publishers.

Native Push Notification doesn't just pay publishers for subscription, it also pays for unique impression.

Propellerads has aggressively been promoting their Native Push Notification by falsely claiming to pay $90 for 1000 android subscribers but yesterday, I received an email that goes thus:

"You can now use the new and exciting ad format – Native Push Notifications through the Adcash platform! Start monetizing now!

We come bearing good news – we've just launched Native Push Notifications. It's the most user-centric ad format that brings high eCPMs for publishers."

The message implies that Adcash has also joined the race.
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