Many people embarking on online business spend money in order to make money.

They spend money buying web host.
They also spend money buying domain name for their online business whatsoever.

Some spend money on search engine optimization, some spend money on templates and/or plugins, some spend money buying backlinks, comments, feedbacks.

While some people are spending enviable amount buying email lists others might be offloading their money on social media follow; the list is endless and I must confess that I do spend money on domain name even though I've rigidly stayed with free web hosting.

It is time to drop the surprise on all newbies internet business startups_ and the surprise is that you might later bite your finger if your internet investments are not well channeled with the guidance of an expert(s). [It must be noted that idea here is different from The Myths of Internet Marketing]

You might need to calm down else you'll realize after couple years of spending in order to amass huge profits that there is no easy way to make money online.

The best practice is to...
1. Create your own website or blog. 
2. Add ads and be please with the amount of dollars dripping in at daily basis.
3. Dedicate consistency of time to develop and maintain the website or blog.
4. Ensure the website or blog is problem-solving.
5. If you find some else fo work work or you are capable of building a team, that will be awesome but if not you alone can still make mountain out molehill. 
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