So why aren’t more bloggers rich?

It is not a crime to be motivated by someone else's success. Starting a blog after seeing income update of Ryan Robinson is not a bad step to take.

Even though some bloggers tend to hype their blogging income_ many bloggers are earning pretty huge.

I, the writer of this article earns dollars from blogging but my earning is VERY SMALL because I'm in a common niche not those high profit niches that generate huge.

Yet I'm still optimistic because I truly enjoy blogging which remained a way of contributing my idea to the world via the useful medium called internet.

(The guy behind Jon Morrow's answer to the question of "why some bloggers aren't rich" is very correct.

He wrote:
"The truth is, most people quit. They start a blog, realize it’s hard work, and walk away.

But if you’re patient and persistent?"
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